B58 BMW M240i, M340i & M440i Tuners, Mods, & Performance Parts. Where do I begin?

As a proud owner of a B58 BMW M240i/M340i/M440i, you already know that this sedan has a lot of potential when it comes to tuning and customization. But where do you start when you want to take your car to the next level? In this article from Burger Motorsports aka BurgerTuning.com, we’ll walk you through some of the best ways to tune your Gen 2 B58 powered vehicle so that you can get the most out of this highly customizable performance vehicle.

BMW M340i tuner

One of the best places to start when tuning your M240i, M340i & M440i is the engine. The B58 engine in this car is already a powerhouse, but with a few upgrades, you can boost its performance even further. Much further. Tuning the ECU (Engine Control Unit) can unlock significant horsepower gains. You do this by adding a plug and play JB4  tuner. One of the best BMW tuners out there and works on locked ECUs.


BMW Tuner

BMW B38/B46/B48/B58 JB4 Tuner (purchase here)


What is a JB4? 

The JB4 is a plug & play tune available for turbocharged vehicles. The JB4 tuner installs between your car's sensors and the DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance through these connections making your vehicle much faster. The JB4 works on locked ECUs. While it's not the only tuning system that operates this way the JB4 separates itself from the competition with much more advanced connection points and processing including CANbus, fuel & spark control, Bluetooth to your smartphone, and a variety of innovative and advanced features not possible with any other system. BMS regularly publishes free mapping and firmware updates adding performance and features as ongoing development allows. In addition, the JB4 system is not VIN-locked to your vehicle and can quickly be removed and swapped between cars or resold at a later time. Often imitated but never duplicated the JB4 has been the gold standard in plug and play turbocharged performance tuning for over a decade.

Next, consider adding an upgraded Burger Motorsports intake system to your M340i. The stock air intake system is designed to minimize engine noise and maximize fuel efficiency, but this comes at the cost of horsepower and sound. An upgraded intake like the Burger Tuning B58 Performance Intake System will allow more air to flow to the engine, which will increase horsepower. Additionally, it will improve the sound of your engine, giving it a more aggressive growl under hard acceleration. We currently offer two amazing options.  

More Air = More Power and Dramatic Sound Improvement!

BMW Intake Burger Motorsports Burger Tuning B58 BMW M340 M340i xDrive Competition Performance Intake G20 G21 3 Series G42 M240i G22 G23 G26 M440i

BMS B58 BMW M240i M340i M440i Competition Cold Air Intake


Option #1. Designed from the ground up to be the best in every aspect with over a year invested in street and track testing. This is the first intake for the Gen 2 B58 that follows a clean OEM+ look and materials but has the intoxicating sound and performance of an open intake. Inside, you'll find our proprietary renewable inverted cone performance filter; outside, you'll find unsurpassed OEM fitment, materials, and quality. The BMS competition intake has a clear window on top for quick filter inspection, uses the OEM cold air inlet, and has a huge inlet hole on the cold side of the airbox for more air and even more fantastic sound! The factory heat shield is reused to keep those intake temps as low as the factory intended. The rubber accordion hose and factory resonator are replaced with a smooth pipe to deliver less turbulent air to the turbo. This intake takes everything good about the factory intake and squeezes more sound and performance out of it while maximizing airflow to your B58 engine!

BMS Billet Intake 


Option #2 for M340i and M240i only. The Burger Motorsports billet B58 air intake system unlocks up to 8+whp to the wheels from your G20 B58 M340i or M340iX engine. In addition to the extra power throttle response, turbo spool, and sound are dramatically improved, finally allowing you to hear your turbo spool up under heavy acceleration. The system is CNC machined from billet aluminum, anodized black for a clean look, and includes a reusable BMS high flow inverted cone filter. The OEM cold air intake tube, airbox bottom, and factory heat shield remain fully functional for ducting and heat isolation. Install takes only minutes and is fully reversible. Filters are available in red or blue. Made in the USA.

Keep oil buildup from degrading engine performance!

Best G20 BMW M340i Oil Catch Can

BMS Oil Catch Can for G Chassis B58 M240i, M340i & M440i  (purchase here)


You need protection. Period. Even on a stock or highly modified M240i, M340i & M440i. It's no secret that the B58 BMW turbo motor can suffer from oil control problems causing the oil to blow through and coat the intercooler and charge piping, gunking up intake valves and the VANOS system, lowering the effective octane, and generally degrading engine performance. The higher your boost levels the more apparent these problems become. 

To solve these problems Burger Motorsports designed their oil catch can kit from the ground up specifically for the B58 turbo BMW application. It features 100% CNC machining with zero welding for a precision fit and long life. 

Requires either the BMS B58 G20 Billet Intake or the BMS B58 BMW M240i M340i Competition Cold Air Intake to fit or if you would like to keep the factory intake you can use the BMS G20 B58 intake muffler delete to make room needed for the can. 

Better looks and a stiffer chassis!

BMS Billet Strut Cross Braces (purchase here)


One must have is the BMS Strut Braces. These strut braces are a solid one-piece design and give an exclusive look under the hood and extra stabilization to the chassis. They instantly improve chassis rigidity, decreased chassis flex during cornering, and are a direct bolt-on replacement. No drilling is required.

These under hood eye candies are designed and made in the USA from lightweight billet aluminum with the BMS logo engraved on the top middle. 

Wider Stance = Better Handling & More Aggressive Looks

Burger Motorsports Wheel Spacers w/10 Bolts (purchase here)


You can upgrade the appearance of your M340i to match its newfound performance with BMW wheel spacers by Burger Motorsports. Wheel spacers are an excellent, cost-effective way to improve handling while dramatically enhancing the look of your BMW. Our wheel spacers push your rims and tires outward for an instant "fat" aggressive look, better lateral stability, and handling. Spacers are also great for filling in the wheel well, creating clearance for aftermarket suspension, different wheel offsets, big brakes, making your winter tires not look so inset, or just making your BMW look awesome. BMS spacers are specifically designed and manufactured by Burger Motorsports for your BMW ensuring a perfect vibration-free fit. Comes with a packet of anti-seize grease to place on the factory hub to aid in later removal. FREE Wheel Pin tool with purchase of 2 pairs of wheel spacers on the same receipt.


Upgrade your weak plastic B58 oil filter housing cap

BMS Billet Oil Filter Cap for B58 BMW & Toyota Engines (Purchase here)


BMW makes parts out of brittle plastic, we make replacement parts out of CNC billet aluminum. The Burger Motorsports billet aluminum B58 oil filter cover directly replaces your weak OE plastic cap for greater protection, ease of removal/install, and great looks under the hood. You can use a 3/8" inch drive ratchet or torque wrench to install and remove. The built-in 32mm hex head does not require a special removal/install tool like the factory cap. Uses the OE oil filter, filter housing o-ring, and filter insert. Anodized for protection. This quality part is a must for any serious BMW owner. This thing is built like a tank! 


Don't let weak and unresponsive factory gas pedal mapping ruin your driving experience!

BMS Pedal Tuner - Adjustable throttle response (Purchase Here)


Fall in love with your car all over again. The BMS Pedal Tuner is plug and play tuner that attaches to your gas pedal allowing you to instantly remap and improve throttle response. Toggle between stock, stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 curves on the fly and even fine-tune each mode using simple up or down adjustment buttons on the device. The BMS Pedal Tuner installs and removes in minutes and is fully independent from and is compatible with other modifications including the JB4. 


Know your exact ethanol content in real-time via the Fuel-it! or JB4 app on your smartphone or tablet.

Fuel-It App

Fuel-It! Bluetooth FLEX FUEL KIT for the G-Chassis B58 BMW M240i, M340i, M440i, & M540i


This is a complete plug & play kit to install a Bluetooth ethanol sensor in your 2021+ M440i, 2019+ M340i and 2022+ M240i in about 30 minutes. Works with the JB4 app or fuel-it app. 

Make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas!

Methanol Injection Kit! (Purchase Here)


New BMW M340i Methanol tank!

Water/Methanol/Alcohol injection commonly referred to as WMI allows you to make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas. The effect is similar to running 100 octane race gas or E85 fuel all the time with the additional cooling benefits allowing for more power than you can make on race gas or E85 alone.

With these upgrades, your BMW M240i, M340i & M440i will be transformed into an even more ultimate driving machine. Burger Motorsports is the manufacturer of the world-famous JB4 performance tuner. We've been pioneering performance tuning, intakes, and mods for street-inspired race cars since 2007. To ensure that all upgrades are done correctly and safely you can contact support@burgertuning.com at anytime before, during, or after install. We're happy to help. With the right modifications, your M240i, M340i & M440i will be the envy of every performance car enthusiast on the road.