S58 BMW G80 M3 & G82 M4 Water/Methanol Port Injection Kit

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Make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas!

The Fuel-It! S58 BMW Port Injection Kit is the ultimate fueling solution for your S58 powered BMW.  It adds six supplemental low-pressure fuel injectors, depending on injector choice allowing fueling of up to 1000+ whp using water/methanol blends. 

This kit includes stainless steel BMS Elite braided lines. They feature an inner Teflon seal for leak-free operation, stainless steel braid, a black outer nylon mesh for abrasion resistance and a stealthy look. These lines not only look great they are also equipped with BMS Elite AN fittings and can withstand extreme pressure and temperature conditions. 

The included Burger Motorsports DDP 5800 water/methanol alcohol Injection pump is a heavy-duty pump used in all of our BMS Water Injection kits. 200 psi bypass for smooth and high pressure and 1.3 GPM open flow. Made in the USA. 

The Burger Motorsports JB4 Port Injection Controller attaches to the JB4 allowing it to directly control both traditional port injection kits and WMI port injection kits.

Click here for the JB4 port injection FAQ and additional information on wiring and requirements.

This kit includes your choice of  550cc, 750cc, of 950cc quality Bosch EV14 42mm fuel injectors come packaged in flow matched sets of six.

Stealth Tank for G20 G22 & G80 M3 & G82 M4 BMW tucks neatly in the side pocket of your trunk!

This water/methanol injection (WMI) tank is a completely custom design that neatly hides away in the left side trunk cavity found in most G20 G22 & G80 M3 & G82 M4 BMW vehicles. The pump mounts directly to the back of the tank allowing for a quick, clean, and completely stealth installation. The bottom of the tank includes a rear sump allowing for consistent performance even as the tank drains. Includes 2-way vented black plastic cap and a compression pump feed fitting. 

Optional upgraded blue billet water/methanol injection (WMI) with 1-way check valve available here.

Features & Benefits

• Included tank leaves trunk completely clear for full use of space
• Super low profile design tucks neatly into the existing left side trunk cavity
• 3.5 Gallon (13.25 liters) capacity 
• Available in transparent white for visually checking fluid levels and opaque black for a stealth appearance. 
• DDP 5800 pump mounts directly to the tank (pump sold separately)
• Includes 2-way vented black plastic cap
• Optional upgraded blue billet lid with 1-way check valve available here.
• Includes all mounting hardware

S58 Powered Vehicle Fitment:

• 2021+ S58 G80 BMW M3
2021+ S58 G80 BMW M3 Competition

• 2021+ S58 G82 BMW M4 (requires modification for tank fitment)
2021+ S58 G82 BMW M4 Competition (requires modification for tank fitment)

What's included:

  • (1) Fuel-It! S58 Billet Fuel Rail
  • (6) 550cc Fuel Injectors
  • (1) 15' Stainless steel braided water/Methanol line with black nylon sheathing
  • (1) BMS Water/Methanol Pump
  • (4) Pump Screws - Phillips Passivated Stainless 10-32 Thread, 1-1/4" Long
  • (1) -6AN ORB fitting 
  • (1) -6AN ORB plug
  • (2) 1/8" NPT plugs 
  • (3) 14 x 1 Stainless steel screws to secure the rail to your manifold 
  • (1) Injector installation jig
  • (1) 8 x 3/4" screw for the installation jig
  • (1) 21/64 drill bit to open the factory injector bosses
  • (1) Superlube®  
  • (1) BMS JB4 Port Injection Controller
  • (7) Wire nuts
  • (1) inline fuse holder
  • (1) 12V Relay
  • (1) 15' of red power wire 
  • (1) 15' of black power wire 

3.5 Gallon Tank: What's included:

  • (1) 3.5 Gallon Stealth Tank
  • (1) 2-way vented black plastic filler cap
  • (1) brass Compression Tube Fitting for 1/4" Tube OD x 1/4 NPT Male
  • (1) 18" of 1/4" nylon meth line
  • (2) Powder coated stainless lower bracket
  • (2) Rubber lower bracket grommets
  • (2) BMS custom bell washers
  • (2) Stainless Steel Flanged Button Head Screws M6 x 1 mm Thread, 8 mm Long
  • (1) Plastic upper bracket
  • (2) Self Tapping upper bracket screws 1/4" Size, 1-1/2" Long
  • (4) Pump Screws - Phillips Passivated Stainless 10-32 Thread, 1-1/4" Long
  • (1) Billet 1/4 push male to -4AN male 90º (pump out)
  • (1) 1/4 push male to female 90º (pump in)
  • (1) Button Head Hex Drive Screw 18-8 Stainless M8 x 1.25 Thread Size, 15mm Long (bracket to chassis)
  • (1) Nylon lock nut - M8 x 1.25 mm Thread, 9.5 mm High (bracket to chassis)
  • (1) Button Head Hex Drive Screw Passivated 18-8 Stainless Steel, M10 x 1.50 mm Thread, 16mm Long (bracket to chassis)

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