Replacement Water/Methanol Injection Pump

Replacement Water/Methanol Injection Pump

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SKU: WMI Pump - Quick Connect Fittings

The Burger Motorsports DDP 5800 water methanol alcohol Injection pump is a heavy-duty pump used in all of our BMS Water Injection kits. 200 psi bypass for smooth and high pressure and 1.3 GPM open flow. Made in the USA. 

Available with built-in quick connect fittings for 1/4" WMI line or with open 3/8" NPT threads if you plan to use braided lines.



  • 3-chamber construction
  • Closed impervious diaphragm
  • Asymmetrical manifold
  • Highest structural integrity
  • Seven point clamping
  • Engineered composite plastics
  • Corrosion resistant metal
  • Multiple porting options


  • Adjustable switch and bypass settings
  • Self-priming, auto-purging
  • Near silent operation at lower flows
  • Highly efficient
  • Minimal pulsations
  • Runs dry without damage