BMS B48 BMW 230i 330i 430i Competition Cold Air Intake

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More Air = More Power + Dramatic Sound Improvement!

Introducing the Burger Motorsports Competition Cold Air Intake for the G chassis  B46/B48 powered 2021+ BMW 220i/230i/320i/330i and 420i/430i including Gran Coupe and xDrive models. 

Designed from the ground up to be the best in every aspect with over a year invested in street and track testing. This is the first intake for the B46/B48 G chassis 2, 3, and 4 Series that follows a clean OEM+ look and materials but has the intoxicating sound and performance of an open intake. Inside, you'll find our proprietary renewable inverted cone performance filter; outside, you'll find unsurpassed OEM fitment, materials, and quality. The BMS competition intake has a clear window on top for quick filter inspection, uses the OEM cold air inlet, and has a huge inlet hole on the cold side of the airbox for more air and even more fantastic sound! The rubber accordion hose and factory resonator are replaced with a smooth pipe to deliver less turbulent air to the turbo. This intake takes everything good about the factory intake and squeezes more sound and performance out of it while maximizing airflow to your B48 engine!

Our Burger Motorsports oversized renewable inverted cone filters not only outflow your stock paper filter and last the life of your vehicle, they also include a built-in velocity stack. Velocity stacks allow even more air to be smoothly sucked into your intake system and are used in most racing applications. 

Designed to work with OEM or BMS Billet Strut Braces 

Features & Benefits

• Adds 12+ horsepower
• 50% more air than stock
• Dramatic sound improvement
• Improves throttle response
• Retains OEM heat shield for low IATs
• Retains OEM cold air ducting
• Looks great under the hood
• Renewable inverted cone air filter
• Made in the USA

B46/B48 Vehicle Fitment 

BMW 2 Series
• 2022+ G42 G43 B46/B48 BMW 220i 230i 2.0L including Gran Coupe and xDrive (218i models please email us a photo of your engine before ordering)

BMW 3 Series
• 2019+ G20 G21 G28 B46/B48 BMW 330i 2.0L including Gran Coupe and
• 2019+ G20 G21 B46/B48 BMW 330e 2.0L including xDrive
• 2019+ G20 G21 B46/B48 BMW 320i 2.0L including xDrive

BMW 4 Series
• 2021+ G22 G23 G26 B46/B48 BMW 420i 430i 2.0L including Gran Coupe and xDrive

⚠️ Please email if you have model fitment questions before ordering. 

What's included?
• (1) Airbox lid with clear window
• (5) Stainless Steel button head M6 x 1mm thread, 10mm long hex drive airbox lid screws 
• (2) Stainless steel M4 x 0.7mm Thread, 8mm Long MAF sensor screws
• (1) High flow airbox bottom
• (1) Inverted cone BMS renewable performance filter (red or blue) 
• (1) 3.5" High flow intake tube

• (1) 3.5" silicone coupler
• (2) 4" heavy-duty 90-110 hose clamps
• (1) 11.75" piece of rubber weather stripping

Replacement 1123 intake filters are available here.
Performance air filter cleaning & oil kit available here.  

Stock Intake vs. B48 Competition intake (((SOUND CLIP)))

B58 BMW G42 M240i G20 G21 M340i G22 G23 G26 M440i competition cold air intake

BMS B58 BMW M340 Competition Performance Intake M340 G20 G21

BMS B48 BMW Competition Cold Air Intake on a 2021 330e

B48 B46 BMW 220i 230i 320i 330i 420i 430i Competition Cold Air Intake air filter 13718580428

B48 B46 BMW 230i 320i 330i 420i 430i Competition Cold Air Intake air filter 13718580428


B48 B46 BMW 230i 320i 330i 420i 430i Competition Cold Air Intake air filter 13718580428

Cold air is drawn in from the factory inlet and a large opening on the cold side of the engine compartment. 

burger motorsports B48 B58 BMW competition intake 230i 330i 430i M240i M340i M440i

Burger Motorsports BMW Competition Intake Install Video