xHP Flashtool Wireless OBDII Wifi Adapter

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Load the xHP transmission flash and xDelete to your vehicle wirelessly!

xHP FLASHTOOL is the #1 App for Tuning your BMW with 6 / 8-Speed Automatic or 7-Speed DCT!  The new xHP Flashtool WiFi adapter is fast and reliable for use with xHP transmission flashes and xDelete to control your AWD with your smartphone!

Unlock the hidden potential of your BMW/Supra Mk5 automatic transmission with xHP gearbox maps! Available for over 200 BMW Models and the GR Supra, xHP Flashtool is the worlds leading solution for enhancing your automatic transmission!

Easy and simple to use, you can safely improve the overall performance of your BMW, get access to hidden features and enjoy faster shifts within minutes using this adapter!

xHP Flashtool is the first and complete tuning solution for your BMW/Supra Mk5 with ZF6HP, ZF8HP Automatic, or 7-Speed DCT Transmission. xHP put's the power to customize your automatic transmission in your hands. 

xDelete is a Smartphone/Tablet App to configure the xDrive/xi AWD-System of your BMW! You can either disable your AWD fully or get access to preset performance modes for various surfaces!

xHP Transmission Flash App and xDelete are available on Apple iOS & Android App Store.

This listing is for the xHP wireless adapter only. No xHP Flash License and/or Map Pack are provided when purchasing this. You must separately purchase the xHP license and/or Map-Pack here: xhpflashtool.com or xDelete here: xdelete.app

xHP Flashtool Adapter Features & Benefits

• 100% compatible with the xHP transmission flashing platform (sold separately)
• Load xHP Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 OTS Maps (sold separately)
 100% compatible with the xDelete AWD/xDrive flashing platform (sold separately)
• Faster flash times compared to wired OBDII cable
• Uses Wifi for a reliable connection
• Adapter is not VIN locked

Vehicle Fitment
(automatic transmissions only)

• E Chassis BMW
• F Chassis BMW
• G Chassis BMW
• 2020+ Toyota Supra
Please note that K-Line Vehicles like E53, E83, and E86 only work through a wired connection. (Wifi Adapters do not support K-Line)

xHP Transmission Flash App and xDelete are available on Apple iOS & Android App Store.

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