WMI Steel Braided Hardline Upgrade Kit

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This kit upgrades your WMI plastic lines to stainless steel braided lines. They feature an inner teflon seal for leak free operation and a black outer nylon mesh for abrasion resistance and a stealthy look. These lines can withstand extreme pressure and temperature conditions!

Includes all required fittings from the pump to the WMI nozzle including a custom CNC machined pump to AN adapter and both male and female nozzle adapters. Offered in 15ft, 18ft, or 21ft lengths. The solenoid to nozzle line is 3ft. 


Features & Benfits

• Upgraded steel braided double reinforced lines
• Upgraded AN fittings for a reliable seal
• Outer nylon mesh for abrasion resistance
• Withstands extreme temperatures & pressure
• Extended life

• Available in 3 lengths to suit your needs
• Made in USA

What's included:
(1) 15ft, 18ft, or 21ft -4AN line straight to 90º  
(1) 3ft -4AN line straight to 90º 
(1) 1/4 Push lock to -4AN Adapter
(2) 1/8NPT to -4AN straight fitting
(2) 1/8FNPT to -4AN straight fitting

methanol injection Steel Braided Hardline Upgrade Kit bmw

methanol injection Steel Braided Hardline Upgrade Kit bmw