Velossa Tech 2020+ Toyota Supra MK5 BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake Snorkel ***Out of stock***

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Looking to add a subtle yet aggressive look to your 2020+ Toyota Supra MK5?

Would you also like a boost in performance to complement this aggressive new appearance? You're in the right place. The Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH is the go-to mod for any induction setup (works with your stock or aftermarket cold air intake).

Our NEW Generation 4 BIG MOUTH ram air intake snorkels feature removable flare/inlets and allow you to truly customize your intake in ways never before seen!

Velossa Tech Intake Snorkel

With the ease of removing the flare by unscrewing 4 set screws, you can change the color of your BIG MOUTH to get the look that fits your self-expression. Generation 4 is a patent-pending feature that will change the way we present our cars to the world, Velossa Tech is proud to be able to offer this new innovative feature. Being able to replace a flare with ease is now a reality. Replacing flares is not just easy, but affordable!

The BIG MOUTH was developed for better overall mass airflow for stock, tuned cars, or highly modified engines, you also have the ability to customize the color of the inlet flare and body. This is truly a unique piece in that it allows you to get the performance benefits of a properly engineered ram duct and have the aesthetic appeal of your liking!!

It will bolt right directly onto the inlet cowl and feed your aftermarket or stock airbox on your 2020-2021+ Toyota Supra MK5, in fact, it will greatly improve the performance of your stock or aftermarket intake setup.

Designed in-house right here in the USA with the latest aerospace flow path engineering and design techniques, and backed by hours and hours of R&D, fitment testing, and real world driving, we are sure you will fall in love with American-made quality and engineering.

Features & Benefits

• Maximum performance design, optimized convergent duct
• Finished SMOOTH for MAXIMUM air velocity
• 28 color options to choose from
• All hardware included
• OEM fitment
• Two layers UV protective coating for sun protection against color fade
• No tune necessary (although beneficial if you tune with the BIG MOUTH)
• Made in the USA


As a car moves through the air, the air pressure directly in front of the bumper increases with the square of speed. The BIG MOUTH is strategically designed and positioned for maximum air pressure recovery. Basically, it feeds your current intake with higher pressure air. It is the same concept as driving below sea level where the air pressure is higher, except you are able to generate higher inlet pressures with a properly design ram duct such as the BIG MOUTH.

Increasing the inlet absolute pressure to your engine has profound effects on performance. Increases in air mass flow, reduction in wastegate duty cycle (for turbo vehicles), and reduced inlet and charge temps are some of the benefits of running a properly designed ram inlet. On top of all that awesome performance comes the BIG MOUTH growl and sinister stare, it sounds and looks great!


Installation can be done with basic hand tools. We supply all straightforward color instructions (downloadable below), backed with our Customer Support phone number to help guide if any questions arise. All hardware is always included (if necessary) in our BIG MOUTH Ram Air kits.

Install Video

NOTE: Rain or snow do not adversely affect the engine once a BIG MOUTH is installed.

When people see that massive inlet flare through the grille, they'll know it's Velossa Tech!


Before and after logs of Inlet Temperature (F).

Mk5 MkV Supra Velossa Tech Dyno