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BMS Elite EA888 Replacement Turbo Inlet

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Replace your restrictive factory turbo inlet with this high flow aluminum replacement. The factory inlet is a choking point to the turbocharger and dramatically reduces its efficiency especially at higher boost levels This direct replacement removes that restriction with a smoother transition while increasing durability and longevity. Maintains all factory emissions fittings.


1.8T & 2.0T Gen 3 motors

BMS Elite Turbo Inlet for VW EA888

Features & Benefits

• Increased airflow
• Reduces wastegate duty cycle
• More power throughout the powerband
• Installation is easy and fully reversible.

Not compatible for Gen 3 Jetta 1.8T/GLI, Passat 1.8T and Beetle 1.8T/2.0T

For any VW sales, support, and technical questions please contact George at George is the only BMS representative familiar with the VW platform.


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