Fuel-It! FLEX FUEL KIT for the B48/B58 Toyota Supra MK5

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Know your exact ethanol content in real-time via the Fuel-It! or JB4 app on your smartphone or tablet.

If you're running E85 or ethanol mixes in your Toyota Supra, you need this kit! 

This is a complete plug & play kit to install a Bluetooth ethanol sensor in your 2020+ Toyota Supra in about 30 minutes.

(Check compatibility for your platform below)

The kit includes the following:

  • Genuine Continental® ethanol sensor 
  • Two stainless steel braided fuel lines with black nylon sheathing to protect your other engine bay components
  • Fuel-It! Bluetooth analyzer (iPhone or Android app must be downloaded to use this kit)
  • Plug and play harness
  • Includes both Bluetooth App & 5v analog output for JB4 or flash tuning
      • Bluetooth (iPhone or Android app must be downloaded to use this feature)
      • If you are using an Apple product the app can be found by clicking here
      • If you are using an Android product the app can be found by clicking here

    Replacement fuel lines are also available ala cart.

    This kit is compatible with the following vehicles

    • 2020+ GR Supra Mk5 3.0L 6 cyl.
    • 2020+ GR Supra Mk5 2.0L 4 cyl.

    *We have also made it optional to purchase all the items ala-cart should you choose but for the kit to work, it must include the Fuel Lines, Ethanol Sensor, and Analyzer.

    *For the Supra JB4 platform connect the white wire to position #4 on the JB4 25 pin harness. Select the WMI setup page and enable bit 0.

    Fuel-It! E85 Ethanol Content Tester


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    *If you aren't sure whether this kit fits your car, send us a picture of your engine bay with the engine cover removed to info@fuel-it.com

    *Ethanol Sensors don't actually read the ethanol content, the readings are based on the absence of gasoline, so if your fuel is contaminated your ethanol readings may be artificially elevated.