Titanium Coolant Bleeder Screw Upgrade for BMW & MINI

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SKU: NF/TBBS + O-Ring 1302N36

Titanium Coolant Bleeder Screw Upgrade for BMW & MINI

This heavy-duty titanium coolant bleeder screw is a metal direct replacement for the weak plastic factory bleeder screw which is prone to cracking and failure over time.

Not only does this upgrade look good under the hood it's a 100% needed upgrade. The factory plastic part heats and cools thousands of times and eventually becomes brittle and can crack and fail. Just a matter of time. 

Titanium is two times stronger than aluminum and 45% lighter than steel with comparable strength. 

CNC machined from a solid block of lightweight titanium with the Burger Motorsports logo laser etched on top. Each of our lightweight titanium coolant bleeder screws are individually burned by hand to make amazing color patterns. Therefore each one will have its own unique color. No two are the exact same and may vary form the photos. 

Fits Most BMW & Mini models OEM PN# 11537793373, 17111712788, 17110141325

Features and Benefits
•  Upgrades your factory bleeder plastic bleeder screw
•  CNC Machined from Grade 5 aerospace titanium.
•  Includes chemical resistant Viton® O-ring.
•  Easy to install/remove with 4mm allen head
•  A must-have upgrade track and street cars

Vehicle Fitment 

1 Series
• E82 E88 (N51 N52 N55 N54)

2 Series

• F22 F23 F87 (N20 N26 B46 N55 B58)

3 Series

• E46 (M54 M52 M54 M56)
• E90 E92 (N52 N52 N54 N55 S65)
• F30 (N20 N26 N47 N55 B46 B48 B58)
• G20 G21 (B46 B48 B58)

4 Series

• F32 F33 F36 (N20 N26 B46 B48 N55)

5 Series
• F10 (N20)
• G30 G31 (B46 B48 B58 N63R)

6 Series

• G32 (B58)

7 Series
• G11 G12 N63R B48 B58 N74

BMW i8
• I12 (B38)

• X1 E84 (N20 N55)

• E83 F25 (N52 N20)

• F26 (N20)

• E70 F15 G05 F85 (M57 S63 N63 N20 S63)


• E71 E72 F86 (N54)


• X7 G07 X7 (N63M)

• E85 E89 G29 (M54 N52 N20 N54 B46 B58)

• R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61 LCI Cooper S JCW Convertible (N16 N18)

What's included
(1) Titanium Coolant Bleeder Screw
(1) Heavy-duty Viton® O-ring 1302N36

bmw titanium coolant bleeder screw burger motorsports 11537793373 17111712788 17110141325