Super Atomizing Water Injector Nozzle

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The nozzles are determined by the intended power and how many bungs your chargepipe has. The nozzles are 1/8” NPT and screw in to bungs included on most aftermarket chargepipes. Our "super atomizing" nozzles are manufactured by us and are known for their great attomization and flow characteristics. The nozzle number represents the approximate gallons per hour of fluid when at full flow. Generally speaking running two smaller nozzles is preferred to one larger nozzle for an equal flow to improve fluid atomization and distribution. Below are some general nozzle suggestions but feel free to email us for nozzle advice if your situation is unique.


What's inside our water injection nozzles?

What's inside our methanol injection nozzles?

Water Injection Nozzle guide

N20/N26: Single BM7
N54/N55 with factory turbo(s): Single BM10 or Dual BM5
N54/N55 with larger hybrid turbo(s): Single BM12 or dual BM7
B48 with factory or larger turbo: Dual BM5
B58 with factory or larger turbo: Dual BM7
S55 with factory turbo(s): Dual BM5
S55 with larger hybrid turbo(s): Dual BM7
s63tu with factory or larger turbos: Dual BM10


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