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JB4 Replacement and Upgrade Chips

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SKU: N54 G5 ISO Chip

JB4 Replacement and Upgrade Chips

The replaceable 2580 master chip controls the communications between the JB4 and your BMS data cable or JB4 Smart Phone Wireless Connect Kit as well as the model specific firmware. If you are unable to connect to the JB4 try replacing this first as often it's the culprit. Specify which firmware you need in the drop down so the chip works out of the box with your model.

To install it just open the hood, lock the doors, hide the key, and wait 5 minutes for the vehicle/ECU to power down. Then open the JB4 enclosure and using a small screwdriver pry out the old chip from its socket and plug the new chip in its place. Note the notch on the chip needs to be facing forward towards the JB4 harness.

We also have 2431 and 24K22 port injection integration and anti-lag firmware update chips in the drop down.