Stealth Water Injection Kit for 2018+ Kia Stinger

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SKU: BM10 Nozzle, Pump, 20' hose, KIa Stealth Bracket with tank, Solenoid, Kia Meth Adapter with compression fitting, wiring, hardware, and FSB for JB4 Integration-1

Make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas!

Water/Methanol/Alcohol injection commonly referred to as WMI allows you to make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas. The effect is similar to running 100 octane race gas or E85 fuel all the time with the additional cooling benefits allowing for more power than you can make on race gas or E85 alone.

The key to a safe and effective WMI setup is tuning integration. The Kia Stinger 2.0L/3.3L Stealth BMS WMI kit integrates to the JB4 tuning system allowing for precise mapping based on boost, throttle position, engine speed, intake temperature, advance, gear, and other data elements available to the JB4 through its CANbus system. In addition, a pump flow signal is fed back to the JB4 allowing for a safe and smooth progressive boost mapping. If the tank runs empty or the flow drops for any reason the JB4 will safely back down performance to avoid detonation. Boost is held low until WMI is properly flowing to avoid tip in knock common with non-integrated WMI setups. In addition, WMI can be activated or disabled right from the JB4 Mobile app, will automatically disengage during traction control or safety map situations, and WMI flow data can be displayed via your JB4 Mobile logging device.

The BMS WMI kit includes a high quality Aquatec WMI pump made to our specifications, high speed solenoid with leak-free compression fittings, a WMI filter, and all required wiring and mounting hardware. 

We offer a unique direct fit nozzle mount adapter for the 3.3L platform eliminating the need to drill/tap a nozzle or tig weld to your factory charge pipe. We suggest a single BM10 nozzle for those running at least a 49/51% WMI mixture, or a single BM5 nozzle for those who intend to run water only.

Note: The spare tire will need to be removed from the vehicle when using this kit. 

What's Included

(1) BM10 WMI Nozzle
(1) 1 Gallon tank with a vented plastic cap
(1) Kia Water Injection adapter with a compression hose fitting
(1) BMS stealth bracket for 2019+ Kia Stinger with mounting screws
(1) Burger Motorsports DDP 5800 WMI pump with mounting screws
(1) FSB for JB4 Integration
(1) 20' WMI hose
(1) BMS WMI solenoid
(1) 20' red 14 gauge wiring
(1) 20' black 14 gauge wiring
(2) Wire terminal forks  


Kia Stinger methanol injection kit by Burger Motorsports


BMS Kia Stinger 2.0L and 3.3L / Hyundai G70 / Veloster N Plug and Play WMI Nozzle Adapter

Recommended Kia Stinger / Genesis G70 / Veloster N nozzle: Single BM10 


WMI 1 Gallon Tank

1 gallon universal tank: The least expensive option this tank is compact and flexible allowing for a wide range of mounting on any flat vertical surface in the trunk. The tank is clear to allow visually checking the fluid level.

Comes with standard 2 way vented black plastic cap/lid. 
Upgraded billet cap/lid with 1-way check valve available in the drop-down menu when ordering.

Tank dimensions: L 11" x W 9" x H 4.5"
For trunk mount applications.


BMS Stealth Water Injection Bracket for 2018+ KIA Stinger

Our newest offering, this completely custom design fits in the hidden trunk cavity found in 2018+ KIA Stinger vehicles. The WMI pump mounts directly to the bracket alongside the 1 gallon tank allowing for a quick and clean installation. Very easy to fill. Stows hidden away under the deck lid allowing full use of the trunk.

Kia Stinger Methanol Injection Water injection Bracket Burger Motorsports

KIA Stinger Water/Methanol Injection Kit

Optional Upgraded Billet Tank Cap/Lid

Upgraded Billet WMI tank cap w/safety check valve
This high quality custom billet WMI cap includes an integrated check valve to let air in and prevent dangerous WMI vapor/fumes from getting out! Made in USA.

• 1 gallon tank
• 2 gallon universal tank
• 2 & 3 gallon BMW stealth tank



Download Kia Stinger WMI Install Guide (.PDF)