Kia/Hyundai JB4 PNP Fuel Wire Adapter

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SKU: 2x KIA Fuel Wire Adapter-2

Kia/Hyundai JB4 PNP Fuel Wire Adapter

This optional plug and play quick install adapter allows you to install a posi-tap for fuel control tuning without piercing the factory o2 sensor wiring providing a completely reversible connection. For 3.3L models the signal wire is red for easy identification. For 2L models the signal wire is the black wire on position #2. To find position #2 just look at the small numbers on the adapter itself. For 1.6L models it can be either depending on the model year and ECU software.

*** NOTE FITS JB4 Kia/Hyundai V1 applications only -- V2-V4 do not use an o2 sensor connection ***




• Kia Stinger, Genesis G70, and many other Kia/Hyundai Models


6 cylinder models require two adapters.
4 cylinder models require a single adapter.

For 3.3T and 1.6T models tap the red signal wire. For 2.0T models tap the black wire in position #2 on the adapter. 

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