JB4 N54 Wiring Extras

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SKU: G5 power wire

JB4 Anti Lag Kit
Includes a programmed chip and wiring harness to allow on the fly anti-lag. Select a gear, hold down the volume button, floor the car, and once boost has built up release the volume button to instantly take off under full boost. Absolute must have for rolling races of any transmission type and works well for automatics off the line too. Requires a BMS back end flash map and ethanol fuel is strongly suggested. Installation directions and additional details are posted here.

G5 2 STEP Relay for manual transmissions
Enables G5 2 STEP rev limiter for more consistent manual transmission launches and no-lift / flat foot shifting. 2 Step requires BMS DATA cable.

JB3->JB4 power wire 
This power wire is required if updating from a JB3 harness or repairing a broken JB4 harness.

Replacement POSI TAPS (2)
For tapping wires. Electrical connectors require no crimping and simply hand tighten.