JB4 Bluetooth Wireless Phone/Tablet Connect Kit Rev 3.7 (Pinned Power Wire, most new JB4s)

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Wirelessly connect and control your JB4 with your phone or tablet! 

The JB4 Wireless Bluetooth Connect Kit (Rev 3.7) allows your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible Apple® iOS® and Android® devices to connect wirelessly to your JB4 via the JB4 app. View critical engine data in real time, datalog, read codes, change maps, update settings, update firmware, and more, all wirelessly from the palm of your hand!

The REV3 mounts next to the JB4 in the engine bay eliminating the need to run a BMS DATA cable inside the cabin. It's compatible with all JB4 products. Just plug it in to the JB4 where your BMS DATA cable connects, purchase the JB4 Mobile app (see below), and you're off and running.

Please note the JB4 Mobile app is available for iPhone®, iOS®, or Android® and sold separately via the Apple® or Android® app store on your phone. The wireless adapter is not compatible with the JB4 windows interface. See our other listings for the "BMS DATA cable" for laptop use. 

Features & Benefits

• Connect and control your JB4 tuner wirelessly from your phone or tablet
• iPhone® and Android® compatible
• Change maps
• Read/Delete error codes
• Monitor your vehicle with your choice of over 40 live gauges
• Take logs to tune your vehicle to perfection
• Graph/email your logs to review performance
• Change user adjustment/methanol settings
• Update JB4 firmware
• Custom gauge colors/themes
• Charge your phone while using JB4 software
• Made in the USA

JB4 app is sold separately in the app/play store. 

JB4 App

 JB4 wireless bluetooth connect kit for sale phone tabletJB4 APP & Install Guide



JB4 Wireless Connect Kit Installation

Step 1: Identify your board type



After determining your JB4 board type, select the appropriate install guide from below:

2a: Pinned Power Installation (No external blue/red wire)