JB Diesel Tuner (JBD) for 2019+ Ford F-250 Diesel

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Gain up to 80+horsepower and 150+ torque to the wheels!

Instant horsepower by simply adding the JB Diesel (JBD) with no other modifications. In addition to power and torque gains throttle response is dramatically improved. It's the perfect racing addition to your 2019+ Ford F250 Diesel.

The JBD works with your ECU to increase injector pulse width and fuel pressure as a function of the factory mapping. The result is huge smooth power and torque gains! All factory safety systems including EGT monitoring and limits remain in place and the JBD does not bypass or interfere with any emissions systems. The JBD includes a user adjustment dial internally allowing fine tuning for your specific power and torque needs.

🔧 Easy one-plug installation. 

Vehicle Fitment

• 2019+ F250 Diesel

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