Standard Hobbs Switch

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This simple to install Hobbs switch can be used to run a secondary fuel pump or provide an additional level of WMI protection. Available in both 1/8" NPT and vacuum nipple, it's normally off (open) and will trigger at the preset of 5psi or 15psi.

The switch is rated for up to 6amps. If used as a WMI flood safety we suggest 5psi and running the solenoid ground through it so the solenoid can only open if the WMI system requests flow AND you're making at least 5psi.

For those using it to trigger a secondary fuel pump we suggest 15psi and using it to trigger a 30amp automotive relay for the pump.

What is a Hobbs switch?

Hobbs switch is just a simple on-off switch that is normally off and used to trigger an accessory at a set boost point.

How do I install a Hobbs switch?

The Hobbs switch has two contacts that need to be connected.

  • Connect one contact to chassis ground
  • Connect the other contact to your ground trigger wire for the accessory.