BMW Port Injection Kits for F-Chassis N55 Motors

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The Ultimate Fueling Solution for Your F-Chassis N55 Equipped BMW!

These kits add six supplemental low pressure fuel injectors allowing fueling of up to 1000+ whp using E85, methanol or other performance fuels.

Our manifold spacers are offered in Basic and Elite formats, both are CNC machined and anodized for a long service life. These kits includes all required installation hardware, gasket set, and a plug and play fuel line adapter. The Elite kit is anodized black with an additional return port, has an upgraded fuel line, and features increased machining allowing fitment for additional applications such as the BMW S55.

Basic kit is compatible with all E chassis and F chassis BMW N54 & N55 engines.

Elite Kit is compatible with all E chassis and F chassis engines including the S55.

We also offer complete intake manifold replacements with integrated fuel injection.

When it comes to intake manifolds, it doesn't get any better than this. The Phoenix Racing intake manifold replaces your weak factory plastic N54/N55 manifold with a direct fit high flow and high strength aluminum manifold.  Features port injection bungs located on the top of the manifold for easy access and optimal injector spray pattern, expansion vacuum ports perfect for larger diameter blow-off valve references, additional gauges, Hobb's switches, and any other expansion you can imagine. Includes high-quality o-rings and all required hardware. Available with required port injection hardware (calibrated injectors with plug and play fuel line), or ala-cart without the extra fueling hardware.

To complete these kits, you will need at least the basic Fuel LineFuel Injectors and a Port Injection Controller available separately or they can be added to your package.  Optional accessories are also available and can be purchased separately. 

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