BMW Port Injection Kits for F-Chassis M2, M3, and M4 S55 Motors

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The Ultimate Fueling Solution for Your F-Chassis ///M car!

These kits add six supplemental low pressure fuel injectors allowing fueling of up to 1000+ whp using E85, methanol or other performance fuels.

Our manifold spacers are CNC machined and anodized black for a long service life. These kits includes all required installation hardware, gasket set, and a free plug and play fuel line adapter is included with the purchase of injectors. 

This Elite Kit is compatible with all F chassis M2, M3, and M4 engines including the N55 and S55.

To complete these kits, you will need at least the basic Fuel LineFuel Injectors and a Port Injection Controller available separately or they can be added to your package.  Optional accessories are also available and can be purchased separately. 

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