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SKU: KIA Flex Fuel Kit ***BT ONLY***

If you're running E85 or ethanol mixes in your Kia Stinger or Genesis G70/G80, you need this kit!

Fuel-It Flex Fuel Kit E85

This is a complete plug and play kit to install a Bluetooth ethanol sensor in about 15 minutes. (Check compatibility for your platform below)

The kit includes the following:

  • New 5/16" E85 compatible fuel lines and fittings for your engine bay
  • Genuine Continental ethanol sensor
  • Fuel-It! Bluetooth analyzer
  • We have three options to choose from when purchasing our ethanol analyzers.
    • Bluetooth Only
    • Bluetooth and 0-5 volt Analog for use with the JB4 or analog gauge
    • Bluetooth and 50-150hz Raw Signal for those that are connecting their analyzer to an aftermarket ECU or the DME.  This option puts out the same signal the Continental sensor does. 

This kit is compatible with the following

  • Kia Stinger GT 3.3L 2017+
  • Genesis G70/G80 3.3L 2017+

*For the Kia JB4 platform get the 0-5v sensor model and attach that to position #4 on the JB4 harness. Select WMI page option 2/3 input to enable.

 Fuel-It! E85 Ethanol Content Tester