Fuel-It! BMW F Chassis F1X 5-series, F0X 6-series, F10 Hybrid Stage 2 LPFP Upgrade

Fuel-It! BMW F Chassis F1X 5-series, F0X 6-series, F10 Hybrid Stage 2 LPFP Upgrade

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BMW F Chassis F1X 5-series, F0X 6-series, and F10 Hybrid Stage 2 Walbro LPFP upgrade!

This is a complete Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) upgrade that replaces your stock LPFP assembly with a new E85 certified one.  This is a  complete plug and play solution by simply replacing your stock bucket.  The new pump assembly includes the following...
    • New BMW LPFP bucket assembly
    • A new E85 compatible Walbro 450 pump
    • A new filter
    • Compatible with the following vehicles:
    • The following require the F1x style pump
        • 5' F07 GT   (09/2008 — 06/2013)
        • 5' F07 GT LCI   (08/2012 — 02/2017)
        • 5' F10   (01/2009 — 06/2013)
        • 5' F10 LCI   (08/2012 — 10/2016)
        • 6' F06 Gran Coupé   (05/2011 — 02/2015)
        • 6' F06 Gran Coupé LCI   (06/2014 — 09/2017)
        • 6' F12   (10/2009 — 02/2015)
        • 6' F12 LCI   (07/2014 — 09/2017)
        • 6' F13   (12/2010 — 02/2015)
        • 6' F13 LCI   (02/2015 — 02/2017)

      Additional information required:  Once your order has been placed, there are two different types of tophats the manufacturer specs on these vehicles so we need a picture of your tophat to verify which one you have.  To do this, remove the rear passenger seat.  Then remove the LPFP access cover on the passenger side.  Take a picture of the tophat and email it with your order # to orders@fuel-it.com

      NOTE:  Owners with I-Drive may get a Fuel pump warning on the screen that says "Continued driving is possible.  Have the system checked by your BMW center as soon as possible."  As long as the car is running fine and does not exhibit any other symptoms, there is not an issue with the pump and this can be ignored.  If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us. 

      • Upgraded pumps pull more current, so if your EKP (LPFP control module) is weak, it may overheat causing it to shut down and need to be replaced.