Fuel-It Bluetooth Flex-Fuel Analyzer

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This is the complete plug and play solution for adding a Bluetooth compatible analyzer to your Continental flex-fuel sensor.

All of our Bluetooth Ethanol Analyzers now include the optional 0-5V analog output or 50-150hz raw signal output in the same unit!

  • Includes 0-5 volt linear output
    • 0 volts = 0% ethanol
    • 1 volt = 20% ethanol
    • 2 vots = 40% ethanol
    • etc.
  • Includes 50-150 raw signal linear output directly from the ethanol sensor
    • 50hz = 0% ethanol
    • 60hz = 10% ethanol
    • 70hz = 20% ethanol
    • etc.
  • All analyzer options include:

* Bluetooth output, 0-5 volt analog output, and 50-150hz raw signal output

* Electrical connections for power and ground

* Fuel-It! analyzer that plugs directly into the ethanol sensor

    • Compatible with Continental Part #'s
      • 13577394
      • 13577429
      • 13577379
    • Compatible with GM/Seimans 
      • 12570260 (Requires GM Pigtail)
  • Recommended Options:
    • Continental ethanol sensor
    • Fuel-It! custom 3/8" Cam-Lock fitting with -6an push-on style fittings or socketless compatible hose.

 * To use our Bluetooth feature an additional 3rd party app for your Android or Apple phone must be downloaded and can be found here:

+ Flex-Fuel sensor, fittings, and fuel lines sold separately.

 Fuel-It! E85 Ethanol Content Tester


Fuel-It! Bluetooth Flex-Fuel Analyzer (06:38)
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