Kia Stinger / Genesis G70 EK1Lite by SXTH

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The EK1Lite by SXTH allow you to load flash maps to your Kia Stinger/G70 at home! No more mailing around the ECU every time you want change or update your flash tuning.

Using this flashing tool you're able to load JB4 back end flash maps allowing for various tuning changes not possible JB4 only including more timing advance, higher ethanol mixtures, improvements to the transmission shifting, VANOS changes, and much more.

This unit also allows you to load TCU (transmission) flash maps at home available for purchase from SXTH.

Note support is available for vehicles from US, Canada, Australia and Korea. For vehicles outside these countries please inquire with SXTH regarding compatibility.

Details on the JB4 back end flash maps are posted here: