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VW JB1 to JB4 Upgrade Kit

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Upgrades your existing BMS Stage1 to an EA888 JB4 system. The JB4 features CANbus connectivity for more advanced tuning, direct AFR control, advanced safety systems for boost, air/fuel ratio, fuel trims, engine knock, boost mapping by gear for improved traction, integrated water/meth control, and much more.

The upgrade kit cost is $175 outright. There is no longer a core exchange program available. After the upgrade, you can keep your old Stage1 board as a spare/backup. This JB4 requires exclusive OBDII/CANbus access while tuning is enabled and is not compatible with various CANbus-enabled boost gauges or 3rd party devices that also require OBDII/CANbus.

When ordering, use the drop-down menu to specify left or right drive hand and your Stage1 hardware version. Vehicles in the USA and most other countries are left-hand drive (LHD), while the UK, AU, SA, and a few others are right-hand drive (RHD). For the Stage1 hardware version, systems purchased after approx 11/1/16 are REV2 and can be identified by an unused black Molex/2 position connector already incorporated into the harness. Check the installation guide below for additional information on identifying your existing hardware.

For any VW sales, support, and technical questions please contact George at george@burgertuning.com George is the only BMS representative familiar with the VW platform.