Denso 5346 IKH24 "1 Step" High Performance Spark Plug for Kia/Hyundai 3.3L Turbo

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Change Your Kia / Hyundai Spark Plugs Like a Pro!

Everyone knows the 3.3L Turbo Stinger & G70 spark plugs are misfire prone and require replacement or regapping for higher than stock power levels. To make that job easier we offer a magnetic spark plug socket, an easy to use gapping tool, and Denso 5346 "1-step" colder plugs. The magnet socket allows you to install and remove the plugs delicately without damage and our gapping tool lets you quickly set the gap without risk of damaging the plug. We suggest the Denso 5346 high performance spark plugs for all factory and tuned 3.3L applications gapped to 0.022".

(6) Denso 5346 IKH24 "1 Step" High Performance Spark Plugs
(1) BMS 16mm Thin-Walled Spark Plug Socket Tool
(1) 14mm BMS Billet Spark Plug Gapper Tool
(1) Specialty Spark Plug Feeler Gauge


BMS Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Features & Benefits

  • OEM quality perfect fit thin wall socket
  • Strong magnetic hold never deteriorates or weakens
  • Fits standard 3/8 drive socket wrench
  • High quality at a super low price
  • Excellent addition to your toolbox

Spark Plug Socket Specs

  • Thin-walled deep 16mm specialty socket
  • Strong magnetic hold
  • 3/8" drive

BMS Billet Spark Plug Gapper Tool
This precision tool is critical to properly and accurately gapping spark plugs. With this tool, you will be able to gap plugs faster and maintain accuracy. Available in 14mm and 12mm plug thread sizes. Made in the USA.

12mm spark plug Gapper tool