S&B Cold Air Intakes for 2022+ Toyota Tundra 3.4L

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More air in = More power and better sound

The S&B cold air intake for the 2022+ Toyota Tundra was engineered to minimize air restriction and flow 28% better than stock. This kit comes with 2 fully enclosed airboxes that protect the filter from dirt and keeps out engine heat for maximum performance.

This intake system removes the restrictive baffles that hurt performance and quiet down your turbos. Check out the video below to listen from outside and inside the cab.

Two huge filters and intake tubes result in a significant decrease in restriction. Our tube insert ensures for proper readings across the MAF sensor.

Our new snap-In lid design requires no screws to secure it to the box. This makes installation and inspection quick and easy. Our silicone edge trim provides a protective seal against unwanted, power-robbing engine heat and debris.

The air filter, coupler, lid seal and box plug are all made with silicone. Silicone is a premium rubber which will seal better and last longer. It handles temperatures as high as 400F without cracking or tearing and won't deteriorate over time.

So, after taking everything into consideration, There's no reason to not get a cold air intake under your hood as soon as possible. Not only are you going to see an increase in engine performance and efficiency, but you'll also be able to hear the difference. Get yours today!

Features & Benefits

  • 28% airflow improvement over stock
  • Keeps intake air temperatures down
  • Excellent design, function, and sound
  • Clear inspection lids allows you to easily check the filters
  • Cleanable 8-ply cotton performance filter
  • Lightweight construction
  • All factory connections

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2022+ Toyota Tundra  V6 Twin Turbo 3.4L and 3.4L Hybrid

P/N 75-5163