Tial Flange BOV adapter for Kia Stinger / Genesis G70 3.3L

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This bolt-on adapter allows you to easily replace both your flimsy diverter valves with a single Tial flange blow-off valve. Benefits include better sound, a unique look under the hood, and the potential to hold more boost between shifts. Unused charge air vents to the atmosphere giving off the desired "Pssshhhh" sound.

Includes block-off caps for the intake hoses. Reuses factory o-rings for a leak-free factory-like installation.

The adapter can be purchased ala-cart or with an authentic Tial blow-off valve. We suggest using the Tial BLACK (6psi) spring based on our testing. Running a too heavy spring may prevent the BOV from opening properly.

KIA Stinger

Features & Benefits 

• Sounds great
• Easy installation
• Hardware included
• CNC machined flanges
• Made in the USA 

Vehicle Fitment 

• 2018-present KIA Stinger GT, GT1, GT2 3.3L V6
• 2018-Present Genesis G70 3.3L V6