BMS Elite Titanium Lug Nuts - M14x1.5 - Cone Seat - Set of 20

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SKU: NFTN/M14X1.5X24mm/S17

Easily reduce your rotating mass for better efficiency

The BMS Elite titanium lug nuts are up to 50% lighter than equivalent OEM steel lugs, have a high tensile strength, and do not succumb to heat degradation, rust, or corrosion. Each cone seat nut measures 1" (25.4mm) in length with a 19mm hex head and a 14mm x 1.5 thread pattern. Please check your bolt seat before ordering.

Material: Hot forged grade 5 titanium Ti-6AL-4V
Shadow Black or Burned Blue
Weight: 22g each

Seat: 60º Cone/Conical
Hex Head: 17mm
Type: Open
Set: 20 Lug Nuts

bmw titanium lug nut nuts M14x1.25 M14 x 1.25