BMS Bronco Intake Replacement Performance Air Filter

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This is a replacement inverted cone performance air filter for our popular Burger Motorsports Bronco performance intake. Includes an integrated velocity stack for maximum flow and is available in dry or pre-oiled blue and a new clamp. 

We offer two high quality filter options. Our oiled filter can be cleaned using an S&B cleaning kit every 15-20k miles and should last the life of your Bronco. We suggest oiled filters for most applications. For those who are frequently off-roading in very sandy/dusty environments, we suggest our dry filter option, which offers superior filtration for extreme conditions. Our dry filter can not be cleaned and should be replaced every 25-35k miles.

Made in the USA. 

What's included
• (1) BMS inverted cone performance air filter 
• (1) Metal clamp 

Performance air filter cleaning & oil kit available here.  
BRONCO_2021_BLUE requires approximately 38 grams of oil when renewing.