How much HP does JB4 give?

JB4 Tuning Module: A Brief Overview

The JB4 is a popular plug-and-play tuning module designed by Burger Motorsports USA and had been in use since 2013. It enhances the vehicles performance by fine-tuning the engine control unit (ECU).

How Does It Work?

The JB4 module interfaces with the vehicle's ECU, allowing for adjustments to various engine parameters such as fuel mixture, boost pressure, and ignition timing. By optimizing these settings, the JB4 can provide a significant increase in horsepower and torque making the vehicle much faster. 

How much HP does JB4 give?

The amount of horsepower gained through the use of the JB4 will vary based on the vehicle's make, model, existing modifications, and fuel type. The better the fuel and the higher the JB4 MAP the more power you will make. 

Typical gains might range from 40 to well over 100 horsepower. However, these numbers are highly dependent on the factors mentioned above.

Additional Features

Along with increasing horsepower, the JB4 offers other features like real-time data logging, 40 in-dash gauges, code reading/clearing, methanol injection control, E85 support, and more. This allows drivers not only to enhance their vehicle's performance but also to monitor various engine parameters.

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