JB4 Magnetic Cell Phone Mount

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SKU: Cell Phone Holder

This stylish magnetic holder attaches to your dash using a removable adhesive disk to keep your phone secure and in view at all times. Perfect for JB4 Mobile applications! The angle of view is fully adjustable. Includes a razor-thin adhesive metallic disk that sticks to the back of your phone or case. All mounts come with a black and gray JB4 logo. Optional RED JB4 logo overlay sticker included.

To install, the surface on the car must be smooth and not textured. First clean the surface with rubbing alcohol, then peel the sticker off the adhesive pad on the mount. Then press in position for 30 seconds to make a secure bond. 


  • Keeps your phone secured and in view at all times
  • Perfect for JB4 Mobile or Dragy use
  • Can be used around the house or at your desk
  • Compact high end look
  • Easy to install and remove