KIA Stinger/Genesis G70 High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) Upgrade for the 2018+ 3.3L Motor

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This new KIA Stinger/Genesis G70 3.3L high pressure pump upgrade is a direct replacement for your factory high pressure pump offering over 80% more fuel flow capacity! Perfect for those looking to run heavy E85 mixtures without having to add on WMI or CPI.

Includes all required installation hardware for a clean plug and play install in your 2018+ KIA Stinger/Genesis G70 3.3L. Note due to low supply of our Stage2 pumps we've also added a lower cost Stage1 option. The Stage1 pump flows around 20% better than factory and should allow E50 use up to 21psi when combined with our back end flash map. Stage1 is unlikely to be able to support full E85.


What is the difference between this pump and CPI?

Both CPI and the upgraded high pressure pump are meant to address the same issue, high fuel pressure dropping under higher boost levels on E85 mixtures. Without CPI on E40 fuel you're limited to around JB4 map3 or map4 boost levels (~18psi) before fuel pressure drops out. With this pump you'll be able to run JB4 map5 boost levels and above (~21psi) on E40 with the factory flash.

CPI is generally less expensive but a little more involved to install and requires an 1/8" NPT bung to mount the nozzle. CPI requires a JB4 to control it. CPI may require some JB4 setting tweaks to get the right fuel volume for your specific car and situation. The high pressure pump is more of an install and forget it type solution with the main tradeoff being the higher cost.

Can I run straight E85 with this pump?

The pump itself is the same pump used in our BMW B58 Stage2 fuel pump kit which supports well over 600whp on straight E85. But running heavier ethanol mixtures requires tuning changes in addition to the fuel pump. While up to around E50 is relatively easy to dial in as you increase the E85 mixture certain changes to the fuel scalars, AFR mapping, spark dwell, cranking tables, ignition advance, and others are required for the car to operate properly. For JB4 customers these changes are addressed in our JB4 back end flash maps loaded via the EK1.



Vehicle Fitment 

• 2018+ KIA Stinger GT, GT1, GT2 3.3L V6
• 2018+ Genesis G70 3.3L V6
Does not fit 2.0L 4 cylinder models.

The basic kit includes
• (1) Upgraded High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)
• (1) Billet Adapter Plate
• (1) Low-pressure Line (Triple lined crimped fittings PTFE/SS/Nylon Braided)
• (1) Custom wiring harness
• (2) M6 x 1 x 50 fuel pump screws
• (2) M6 x 1 x 20 adapter plate screws
• (1) Super Lube®


Fuel It KIA Stinger 3.5L High Pressure Fuel Pump HPFP Upgrade