BMW G-chassis Stage 2 LPFP Upgrade for the B48 and B58 Motors

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Fuel-It! BMW G-chassis B48 and B58 Stage 2 LPFP Upgrade!

Finally a quality upgraded low fuel pressure system pump upgrade worthy of your G chassis BMW! Our new drop in bucket completely replaces your factory bucket with a system capable of supporting up to 700whp on straight E85. Perfect for modified cars including those with an upgraded turbo and/or port injection.

Includes a brand new OE bucket assembly, new fuel filter assembly, and our proprietary low pressure brushless pump. It comes fully assembled and ready to drop in. The best part is our high performance brushless pump does not require any special tuning, EKP changes, or wiring upgrades!

    Compatible with the following vehicles production dates

    • 2019+ B48 330i
    • 2019+ B48 330ix
    • 2020+ B58 M340i
    • 2020+ B58 M340ix
    • 2021+ B58 M440i
    • 2021+ B58 M440ix
    • 2022+ B58 M440ix GC
    • 2022+ B48 M230i
    • 2022+ B58 M240i
    • 2022+ B58 M240ix