Adjustable Hobbs Switch with Wiring Harness

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Choose a 4psi or 15psi Hobbs switch

Includes 12" wire for chassis ground and 60" trigger ground wire.

What is a Hobbs switch?

Hobbs switch is just a simple on-off switch that is normally off and used to trigger an accessory at a set boost point.

Which one do I choose?

For installing a secondary low pressure pump, if you are running a stock primary pump, we recommend choosing the 4psi.  If your primary pump is upgraded, then we'd recommend the 15psi.  If you're using a hobb's switch to trigger a meth pump, we'd recommend getting the 4psi. 

How do I install a Hobbs switch?

The Hobbs switch has two contacts that need to be connected.
  • Connect one contact to chassis ground
  • Connect the other contact to your ground trigger wire for the accessory.

Are these adjustable?

Yes, you can remove the black rubber plug at the top of the Hobbs switch and use an Allen wrench to adjust the Hobbs switch +/- approximately 3-4psi.  They are very sensitive so make small adjustments or you may lock it out.  Rotating the Allen screw clockwise will increase the needed boost pressure to activate it.