BMS JB4 Port Injection Controller

BMS JB4 Port Injection Controller

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The Burger Motorsports JB4 Port Injection Controller attaches to the JB4 allowing it to directly control both traditional port injection kits and WMI port injection kits.

Click here for the JB4 port injection FAQ and additional information on wiring and requirements.

What is the difference between the SplitSecond AIC6 as a stand-alone and the JB4 Port Injection controller?

The AIC6 is a simple stand-alone system that allows mapping of port injection as a function of boost pressure and engine speed.

The JB4 port injection controller is a fully integrated solution allowing enhanced port injection mapping and safety.

For example the JB4 port injection controller:

1) Uses low fuel pressure in conjunction with boost pressure to evaluate injection pressure and adjust PI IPW dynamically as required to maintain consistent flow volume. This becomes particularly important in applications that are at the edge of their low fuel pressure supply. As low pressure drops or oscillates port injection IPW must be dynamically adjusted to avoid run lean conditions.
2) Monitors pedal input, clutch input, gear, throttle position, etc, allowing more advanced mapping and instant cut of PI when letting off the gas or when traction control kicks in to avoid backfires.
3) Monitors AFR in both banks and can cut PI flow in the event a misfire event is detected preventing a potentially lean condition.
4) Monitors current through the injectors and sends a signal back to the JB4 altering it of various problems including a clogged or disconnected injector, blown electrical fuse, loose ground, etc.
5) Monitors fuel trims in each bank and failsafe's in the event of a mismatch of more than 15% indicating a potential boost single cylinder boost leak or injector flow issue.
6) Allows easy user adjustment of overall fuel volume using linear "Fuel Bias 0-100" values by RPM, greatly reducing the typical mapping complications when making manual tuning changes.
7) Integrates into the JB4 multi-map system which produces on-the-fly PI mapping changes when you change maps when boost is reduced in lower gears, or during anti-lag engagement.
8) When equipped with a JB4 integrated flex fuel sensor or JB4 virtual flex fuel sensor can automatically adjust port injection volume based on the E85 mixture allowing for easy mixture changes.
9) Enhanced mapping logic such as tip in supplement to boost port injection during sudden transitions like spool up or gear changes where the high-pressure pump tends to have problems keeping up.
10) Does not require a separate interface and cable for mapping and tuning port injection. It's all done right through the JB4 interface and logs greatly simplifying the process.
11) Includes an extra output to run your second fuel pump OR WMI PUMP (for port injection meth), eliminating the need for an extra Hobbs switch.

Download BMS/Fuel-It! Port injection and Flex Fuel wiring guide!

JB4 Port Injection Controller PI Install Guide