JB4 Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount Holder

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SKU: RED - VENT holder

This stylish JB4 magnetic phone holder attaches to your vehicle's air vents to keep your phone secure and in view at all times. Perfect for JB4 Mobile and Dragy applications! 4 powerful rare earth magnets are built into the mount head to ensure your phone stays secure when driving. 360º rotation, easy to install and remove.

Includes 2 razor-thin metallic plates featuring your choice of either a red or white JB4 logo. The larger metal plate can also be hidden inside some thinner phone cases. 

A tight pronged design with two different widths makes the mount grip air vents tight and won't slip off when removing devices. 

Can be used to hold your phone or your dragy to the dash. 

To install just press on any horizontal or vertical air vent in any vehicle. Not for use on round air vents. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Keeps your phone secured and in view at all times
  • Perfect for JB4 Mobile or dragy use
  • Contains 4 strong magnets
  • Compact high-end look
  • Made from silicone to prevent damage
  • Easy to install and remove

What's included

  • (1) JB4 Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount 
  • (1) Round metal plate with adhesive backing
  • (1) Rectangle metal plate to place between the phone case and magnetic holder (thin phone cases only)


JB4 Magnetic Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car

JB4 magnetic phone holder mount car

JB4 Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount Holder