JB Plus N20/N55 Quick Install Tuner

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Plug in up to 35 extra wheel horsepower in seconds!

Finally, our popular and well-proven JB Plus quick install tuner is available for N20, N26, and N55 applications! Boost is user adjustable up to 4psi over stock providing gains up to 25 wheel horsepower and 35 wheel torque on the N20/N26 motor and up to 35 wheel horsepower and 45 wheel torque on the N55 motor. Timing and fueling remain managed seamlessly by the DME, preserving all factory safety systems.

While the JB4 is the ultimate tuner, the JB Plus is a quick and simple way to add a few HP with minimal cost and minimal installation effort. Something that anyone can buy, install in under a minute, and feel from the driver's seat. Compared to our Stage 1 tune, it offers a lower cost and easier installation but lacks the additional benefits of MAP sensor control and data logging. Depending on the settings and conditions, expect a little less horsepower than Stage 1, all else being equal.

Fuel economy during normal driving is unchanged. Compatible with both pneumatic and electronic wastegate vehicles and all driving modes. Automatically detects the engine type upon installation, allowing the same unit to be used for any F series N20, N26, or N55 application! Not available for sale/use within California.

For those who want to start with the JB Plus and upgrade to the higher power, more advanced JB4 tune, we offer a 100% trade-up credit. To qualify, simply purchase the JB4 system from our website directly, and then, after receipt, mail back the JB Plus along with its purchase receipt from BMS or any authorized reseller, and we'll issue a $239.00 refund against your JB4 purchase. The offer is valid up to one year after purchasing the JB Plus. 

Vehicle Fitment

F Chassis N55 BMW Applications:

BMW 1 Series
2013-2017 N55 BMW F20 F21 M135

BMW 2 Series
• 2014-2018 N55 BMW F22/F23 M235i
• 2015+ F87 M2 (N55 Engine)

BMW 3 Series
• 2012-2016 N55 BMW F30 F31 335i/xi
• 2013+ N55 BMW F34 335i xDrive GT

BMW 4 Series
• 2014-2016 F32 F33 F36 Coupe 435i / 435xi

BMW 5 Series*
• 2012-2016 F07 535i GT
• 2011-2016 F10 F11 535i / 535xi
*Email BMS support for the correct part number for 2011-early 2012 models

BMW 6 Series
• 2011+ F13 640 Coupe
• 2011+ F12 640 Convertible
• 2012+ F06 640 Gran Coupe

BMW X Series
• 2013-2015 F25 X3
• 2015-2018 F26 X4 
• 2014-2018 F15 X5
• 2015-2019 F16 X6

F Chassis N20 / N26 Applications:

BMW 2 Series:
• 2014-2019 2 Series F22/F23 220i / 228i N20 & N26

BMW 3 Series:

• 2012-2018 3 Series F30 320i / 328i N20 & N26

BMW 4 Series:
• 2014-2019 4 Series F32/F33/F36 420 / 428 N20 & N26

BMW 5 Series:
• 2011-2016 5 Series F10 520 / 528 N20 & N26

BMW Z Series:
• 2012-2019 Z4 28i

BMW X Series
• 2013-2016 X3 F25




2016 BMW 328i, 93 octane, stock vs. JB Plus

2016 BMW 328i, 93 octane, stock vs. JB Plus