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Mercedes Benz Performance Chip
bmw 335i performance
Mercedes Benz Wheel Spacers by BMS
Chrome Extended Bolts Included
Simple, bolt-on handling and looks for your Benz
BMW Wheel Spacers

Wider Stance = Better Handling & More Aggressive Looks
Easily widen the wheelbase of your Mercedes Benz with a set of custom designed BMS wheel spacers for better handling and roll reduction while dramatically enhancing the look of your Benz. Wheel spacers push your rims and tires out flush with your wheel well for an instant "fat" aggressive look, better lateral stability and better handling. These super strong BMS spacers are custom designed for your Mercedes Benz ensuring a perfect fit. There are no markings on the outside edge for a stealth appearance. Each pair of BMS Wheel spacers come with 10.9 grade heat treated extended chrome wheel lug bolts.

Burger Motorsports Mercedes Benz Wheel Spacers are sold in pairs (2pcs). They are hub centric and come with the required 10 chrome longer wheel bolts.
Merceded Benz Wheel Spacers

BMW Wheel Spacer
The spacer is placed between the wheel and hub using
the included longer chrome wheel bolts.
BMW Performance Parts accessories

12mm Mercedes Benz Wheel Spacers by BMS

  • Provide Better Handling by widening the Wheelbase
  • Provide A Wider More Aggressive Look and Stance
  • Specifically Designed for your Mercedes Benz
  • 10 Aircraft Grade 10.9 Extended Chrome Wheel Bolts Included
  • Light Weight Clear Anodized Aluminum
  • Special Pry Tabs on the Back for Easy Removal
  • 1-Piece Spacer with Hubcentric Factory Lip
  • Strong Solid Design & Appearance
  • Available in 12mm

  • Mercedes Benz Wheel Spacers by BMS fit

    • 2008-2013 C-class (W204) Including AMG

    • 2006-2013 S-Class (W221) Including AMG

    • 2005-2013 E-class (W211 & W212) Including AMG

    • 2005-2013 CLS-class (W219) Including AMG Bolt Pattern: 5/112
    Center Bore: 66.5
    Bolt: 14x1.5

    BMW Wheel Spacer BMW Wheel Spacers
    12mm Mercedes Benz Wheel Spacers by BMS
    w/10 Chrome Extended Wheel Bolts

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    BMW Performance Tunes:
    N54 JB4
    N54 JB+ Quick Install
    N20 N55 S55 Stage 1 Tuner
    E Series N55 JB4
    F Series JB+ Tuner
    F Series N55 JB4
    B48/B58 JB+ BETA
    B46/B48/B58 JB4
    N20 / N26 JB4
    N63/N63tu Stage 1
    M5/M6 S63tu Stage 1
    s63tu M5/M6 JB4 BETA w/ BCM & OBDII
    2015+ M3/M4 S55 JB4
    2016+ M2 JB4
    BMS Power Box (PBX)
    JB Diesel (JBD)
    BMW Performance Intakes:
    BMS N54 Dual Cone Intake
    BMS N55 BMW Performance Intake
    F30 F32 N55 Performance Intake
    BMS M3/M4 S55 Performance Intake
    BMS M5/M6 s63tu Performance Intake
    BMS B58 340 Performance Intake
    BMS Silicon Single Turbo Filter
    BMW Drop-In Air Filter Replacements
    Filter Cleaning & Oil Kit
    BMW Oil Catch Can
    N54/N55 BMW 135i / 335i Intercooler
    cp-e™ BMW 135i / 335i Intercooler
    F Chassis BMW Intercooler
    cp-e BMW 135i 335i Blow Off Valve Kit
    BMS N54 N55 Chargepipe
    Phoenix Racing N54 / N55 Chargepipe
    F Chassis N55 Chargepipe
    N20 N26 Chargepipe
    M3/M4 S55 Chargepipes
    BMW Interior:
    Add OEM BMW Paddle Shifters
    Short Shift Kit for BMW
    Billet Shift Rod
    F30 F31 F32 LED Glove Box Light
    LED Courtesy / Footwell Lights
    LED BMW Trunk Light Upgrade
    Downshift Blocker
    Short Throw Clutch Stop
    GoPro Hero 3 and 4 12V Power Cord
    LED 12v Flashlight
    JB4 Logo Keychain
    BMW Exterior:
    AC Fabrication Aluminum Catback
    3.5" N55 & B58 F Chassis Exhaust Tips
    E Chassis 335 4" Slip-On N55/N54 Exhaust Tips
    S55 M3 M4 F Chassis 3.75" Exhaust Tips
    M3 M4 M5 M6 F Chassis Billet 3.75" Exhaust Tips
    328 N51 N52 E Chassis Exhaust Tips
    BMW Wheel Spacers and Spacer Bolts
    Wheel locks for Spacers
    Wheel Locks for BMW
    Titanium BMW Lug Bolts
    H8 LED Angel Eyes
    White Halogen H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade
    BMW Wheel Pin Tool
    LED License Plate Lights
    LED Courtesy Lights
    BMW Tow Hook GoPro Camera Mount
    BMW Tow Plate License Plate Mount
    BMW Metal Jack Pad Adapter
    Protective Wheel Saver Socket
    Magnetic Spark Plug Socket
    BMS Stickers
    BMW Upgrades:
    N54 JB4 Upgrades
    N55 JB4 Upgrades
    N20/N26 JB4 Upgrades
    N63 JB4 Upgrades
    JB4 Billet Aluminum Enclosure
    JB4 Smart Phone Wireless Connect Kit (Rev. 3)
    BMS DATA Cable & 3' Extension Cable
    Bavarian Technic BMW Scanner
    OBDII CAN Module for F Series
    N54 N55 Spark Plugs
    BMW Methanol Injection and Accessories
    B58 340 Billet Methanol Spacer
    Magnetic Spark Plug Socket
    Stainless Steel Brake Line Upgrade
    Sport Oil Cooler Valve
    Rob Beck Replacement PCV Valve
    BMS Short Throw Shifter
    Billet Shift Rod
    Replacement Downpipe Gaskets/Hardware
    Fuel-IT N54 Secondary Fuel Line Adapter
    E Series Low Fuel Pressure Upgrade Kits
    Ethanol Content Tester Kit
    N54 N55 S55 Oil Thermostat Lid
    Short Throw Clutch Stop
    Modified BMW Clutch Valve
    BMW Oil Catch Can
    Mini Cooper:
    JB+ Mini Cooper Tune
    MINI B38 / B46 / B48 JB4 BETA
    Bavarian Technic BMW Scanner
    R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Wheel Spacers
    Mini Cooper Wheel Spacers
    Mini Cooper Floor Jack Pad
    Countryman Paceman Floor Jack Pad
    Mini Cooper Wheel Locks & Keys
    Mini Cooper Wheel Spacer Locks
    Mini Tow Hook GoPro Camera Mount
    GoPro Hero 3 and 4 12V Power Cord
    BMS Wheel Pin Tool
    Magnetic Spark Plug Socket
    Clutch Stop
    Protective Wheel Socket
    Rechargeable LED Flashlight
    Mercedes Benz:
    2015 W205 C200 C250 C300 Stage1
    2015 W205 C400 Stage1
    C250 JB+ Tuner
    C250 Intake
    2015+ C200 C300 Intake
    Mercedes Floor Jack Pad
    Mercedes Wheel Spacers
    17mm Protective Wheel Socket
    Air Filter Cleaning Kit
    Rechargeable LED Flashlight
    12V Power Cable for GoPro Hero 3 and 4
    Parts for VW:
    JB1 and JB4 Tuners for VW
    JB1 Billet Aluminum Enclosure
    JB1 Plastic All Weather Enclosure
    Gen 3 Turbo Muffler Delete for VW & Audi
    EA888 JB4 BETA Upgrade Kit
    BMS EA888 Intake and Turbo Inlet
    Wheel Spacers for VW Mk7
    Billet Windshield Reservoir Washer Cap for VW
    Tow Hook Camera Mount for GoPro
    Clutch Stop for VW
    VW Rechargable LED Flashlight
    GoPro Hero 3 and 4 12V Power Cord
    17mm Protective Wheel Socket
    Lexus RC200t and IS200t Intake
    Lexus Wheel Spacers by BMS
    21mm Protective Wheel Socket
    Rechargable LED Flashlight
    GoPro Hero 3 and 4 12V Power Cord
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