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BMS Turbo Double Baffle Oil Catch Can
best bmw oil catch can 335 N54 n55

Keep Oil Out of your BMW Air Intake System

It's no secret that the BMW N54, N55 and N20 turbo motors can suffer from oil control problems causing oil to blow through and coat the intercooler and charge piping, gunking up intake valves and the VANOS system, lowering the effective octane, and generally degrading engine performance. The higher your boost levels the more apparent these problems become.

The solution to this problem has finally arrived. The BMS oil catch can. While there are other catch cans on the market they all fall short in various areas. Some are mounted on the hot/turbo side of the motor preventing proper vapor condensation. Others utilize hoses that are too small and runs that are too long to allow proper PCV ventilation causing internal motor / ring sealing issues. Some have insufficient or no internal baffle system while others have internal baffles systems that are too restrictive. Some even bypass the PCV system all together venting crankcase gas and odor to atmosphere. Most are simply repackaged oil catch cans from smaller / lower power motors shoe horned in to place in the turbo BMW engine bay.

To solve these problems BMS designed their oil catch can kit from the ground up specifically for the the turbo BMW application. It features 100% CNC machining with zero welding for a precision fit and long life. The can itself is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. The hoses exceed the OEM PCV piping in diameter and that flow rate is maintained throughout the entire oil catch can ensuring no excessive crankcase pressure buildup. The BMS OCC retains the factory fully closed loop PCV operation preventing any PCV vapor from leaking to atmosphere. The mounting locations are selected to minimize the line length, allow more efficient operation, and retain a stealth look. Install takes around 20 minutes, includes all required hardware, and is 100% reversible. Simply unscrew the base of the can or use the drain plug to safely dispose of captured oil with the rest of your used motor oil during oil changes.

BMS Oil Catch Can = The Best Protection with No Restriction
Left Untreated, Condition Only Gets Worse
Oil Catch Can Air Seperator tank best BMS Turbo Double Baffle Oil Catch Can Features
• Increases Air Intake Efficiency
• Promotes Engine Longevity
• Non-Clogging Air/Oil Separation Double Baffle
• Free Flow Solid No Restriction Design
• Retains factory fully closed loop PCV operation
• Large Intake / Exhaust No Tapering Down
• Stealth Mounting on Cool Side of the Motor
• Anodized Black Lightweight Aluminum
• N54 Model Mounts Out of Sight Under the Cowl
• Made in USA & Guaranteed for Life


BMW 1 Series
• 2008-2013 E82 Coupe E88 Convertible 135i / 1M

BMW 2 Series
• 2014-Present F22 Coupe F23 Convertible 220i / 228i

BMW 3 Series
• 2006-2011 E90 Sedan 335i / 335ix (E chassis only)
• 2006-2011 E91 Touring 335i / 335ix (E chassis only)
• 2006-2013 E92 Coupe 335i / 335ix / 335is (E chassis only)
• 2007-2013 E93 Convertible 335 including ix (E chassis only)
• 2013-Present F30 Sedan 320 including ix
• 2012-Present F30 Sedan 328 including ix
• 2015+ S55 F80 M3
• 2016+ B58 F30 340 including ix

BMW 4 Series
• 2014-Present F32 F33 F36 Sedan Convertibe Gran Coupe 420 428 428 including ix
• 2015+ S55 F82 M4
• 2016+ B58 F32 F33 440 including ix

BMW 5 Series
• 2008-2010 E60 Sedan E61 Touring 535 including ix

Note: Does not fit any other vehicles other than the exact vehicles and dates listed above. An oil catch can for F chassis N55 vehicles is not available.

Best BMW Oil Catch Can • Simply unscrew base every 3-6 months to empty or use the 1/8th NPT drain plug.

• Non-Clogging, No Service Needed Air/Oil Separation Double Baffle

• High flow to eliminate crankcase pressure caused by more restrictive designs

• Large 16mm+ inlet and outlet exceeds OEM PCV sizing

• Precision Machined from Solid Blocks of High Grade Aluminum

BMW Oil Catch Can 335 BMW 135i Oil Catch Can
BMS Turbo Double Baffle Oil Catch Can Copyright © 2009 Burger Motorsports, Inc
BMS Turbo Double Baffle Oil Catch Can

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