MHD Wireless OBDII Wifi Flash Adapter

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Load flash maps to your BMW or code your car with hidden features wirelessly

MHD N54 wifi adapter B58 flasher bmw tuning tuner flash stage 2 N55

The new MHD Wireless OBDII WiFi Flash Adapter allows you to reliably load flash maps to your BMW including JB4 back end flash maps faster and easier than ever before. Just pair with your Android phone and plug it into the OBDII port when you want to flash or use any MHD features. The orange adapter is compatible with E chassis BMW vehicles while the black adapter is compatible with F and G chassis BMW vehicles.

• Orange is for E chassis BMW vehicles only
• Black is for F/G chassis BMW vehicles only


BimmerCode App Bimmer Code Flash MHD black orange

This flash adapter is a supported for use with the BimmerCode phone app for BMW, MINI, and 2020+ Toyota GR Supra. BimmerCode allows you to code your car yourself and customize it and unlock hidden features. See BimmerCode in the mobile app store for more info and features. 

MHD Flash Adapter Features & Benefits

• Compatible with MHD Flashing Platform
• Load both JB4 based flash maps and flash only maps
• Faster flash times compared to wired OBDII cable
• Uses Wifi for a reliable connection
• Compatible the BimmerCode app

MHD Flash Maps & Info

MHD F chassis JB4 back end flash maps are posted here:

MHD E chassis JB4 back end flash maps are posted here:

MHD B58 JB4 back end flash maps are posted here:
MHD M3/M4 S55 JB4 back end flash maps are posted here:

BimmerCode App & Info

All you need for coding your car with BimmerCode is one of the supported MHD OBD adapters and the BimmerCode app. Black adapter for F series, G series, and I series. Orange for E Series and R Series.

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