BMS Elite High Capacity Intercooler Heat Exchanger for Infiniti Q50/Q60

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SKU: BMS *ELITE* Infiniti Heat Exchanger

Increase your cooling capacity for better performance

This VR30 platform intercooler upgrade is a high quality replacement heat exchanger dramatically improves turbo/inlet air cooling by providing double the cooling surface area and over three times the fluid volume compared to the factory cooler. The benefits are most noticed during back to back runs at higher boost levels where the factory cooling capacity can be overwhelmed resulting in ignition timing pull and reduced turbo efficiency. It's a direct bolt in installation and is made in the USA.



• 2016+ Q50 Silver Sport/Red Sport
• 2016+ Q60 Silver Sport/Red Sport
• 2016+ Q50 3.0t Lux
Fits vehicles with and without factory oil cooler.


BMS Elite heat exchanger data log, 0-150mph
BMS heat exchanger data log, 0-150mph


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