OEM BMW Floating Wheel Center Caps (Set of 4)

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Stand out on the road with genuine BMW floating center caps

These high-quality, Genuine OEM BMW floating center caps create a special focal point on the wheel even when the vehicle is in motion. They are also always upright when parked. Perfect for pictures every time. Two sizes are available making them suitable for almost all BMW vehicles with original BMW alloy wheels. (check the fitment list below) To install, simply remove the old center caps and replace them with the new floating BMW center caps. Not for use with steel wheels or snow chains. 

These fit some aftermarket wheels that accept the OEM BMW center caps.
Please email us if you have any questions before ordering. 

36122455269 36122455268 Floating Spinner BMW center caps hub caps

Features & Benefits

  • Genuine BMW Product
  • Compatible with most original BMW alloy wheels
  • The high-quality, floating center caps create a special focal point on the wheel even when the vehicle is in motion
  • BMW logo is upright even when parked. 
  • Two sizes are available making them suitable for all BMW vehicles with Original BMW alloy wheels
  • To install, simply remove the old center caps and replace them with the new version 

Option 1 BMW Fitments (Newer Vehicles): 

5x112 bolt pattern
Center Bore: 66.6 mm

2 Series
• 2022+ G42 220i 230i, M240i xDrive

3 Series
G20/G21 2019+ 330i, 330i xDrive, M340i, M340i xDrive

5 Series

F90 2018+ M5 

5 Series

G30 2017+ 530i, 530i xDrive, 540i, 540i xDrive, M550i xDrive

7 Series

G12 2016+ 740i, 740i xDrive, 750i, 750i xDrive


F48 X1 2016+ X1 28i, X1 28i xDrive


G29 Z4 2019+ Z4 M40i, Z4 sDrive30i 



Option 2 BMW Fitments (Older Vehicles):
5x120 bolt pattern
65mm roundel

Center Bore: 72.6 mm

Note: these don't fit the E46 and E36 models. 

1 Series
E82 / E88 2008-2013 128i, 135i, 35is
E82 2011-2012 1M

2 Series

F22 / F23 2014-2021 228i,228i xDrive, M235i, M235i xDrive, M240i
F87 2016-2021 N55 M2 and S55 M2 Competition

3 Series

E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 2006-2013 323i, 325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi, 330i, 330xi, 335d, 335i, 335is, 335xi, M3
F30 / F31 / F34 2012-2019 320i, 320i xDrive, 328d, 328d xDrive, 328d xDrive, 328i, 328i, 328i, 328i xDrive, 335i, 335i xDrive, Hybrid 3
F80 2015-2018 M3 and M3 Competition 

4 Series

F32 / F33 / F36 2014-2020 428i, 428i xDrive, 435i, 435i xDrive
F82 / F83 2015-2020 M4

5 Series (E chassis)

E60 / E61 2004-2010 525i, 525xi, 528i, 528xi, 530i, 530xi, 535i, 535xi, 545i, 550i, M5

5 Series (F chassis)
F10 / F11 2011-2016 528i, 528i xDrive, 535d xDrive, 535i, 535i xDrive, 550i, 550i xDrive, Hybrid 5, 2013-2016 M5 

6 Series (E chassis)

E63 / E64 2004-2010 645Ci, 650i, M6

6 Series   (F chassis)

F12 / F13 2012-2018 640i, 650i, 650i xDrive, M6

7 Series   (E chassis)

E65 / E66 2002-2008 745Li, 745i, 750Li, 750i, 760Li

7 Series   (F chassis)

F01 / F02 2009-2015 740Li, 740i, 750Li, 750Li xDrive, 750i, 760Li

E84 X1 2013-2015 X1 28i,  X1 28i xDrive, X1 35i xDrive

X3 (E chassis)
E83 X3 (04-10) > X3 2.5i M54 (2003-2005)
E83 X3 (04-10) > X3 3.0i M54 (2003-2006)
E83 X3 (04-10) > X3 3.0si N52 (2007-2010)

X3 (F chassis)
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 sDrive28i
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 xDrive28d Diesel
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 xDrive28i
F25 X3 (2011-2017) > X3 xDrive35i

X5 (E chassis)
E53 X5 (00-06) > X5 3.0i M54
E53 X5 (00-06) > X5 4.4i M62 4.4L (99-03)
E53 X5 (00-06) > X5 4.4i N62
E53 X5 (00-06) > X5 4.6is M62
E53 X5 (00-06) > X5 4.8is N62
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 M
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 xDrive35d
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 xDrive35i
E70 X5 (07-13) > X5 xDrive50i

X5  (F chassis)
F15 X5 (2014-2018) > X5 sDrive35i
F15 X5 (2014-2018) > X5 xDrive35d
F15 X5 (2014-2018) > X5 xDrive35i
F15 X5 (2014-2018) > X5 xDrive50i

X6 (E chassis)
E71 X6 (2008-2014) > X6 M
E71 X6 (2008-2014) > X6 xDrive35i
E71 X6 (2008-2014) > X6 xDrive50i

X6 (F chassis)
F16 X6 (2015-2019) > X6 sDrive35i
F16 X6 (2015-2019) > X6 xDrive35i
F16 X6 (2015-2019) > X6 xDrive50i


E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive28i
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive30i
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive35i
E89 Z4 (2009-2016) > Z4 sDrive35is


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