BMS 1.25 Gallon Universal WMI Tank

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1.25 Gallon Universal Water Injection Tank

Introducing the Burger Motorsports 1.25 gallon tank is compact and flexible allowing for a wide range of mounting on any flat vertical surface in the trunk. The tank is clear to allow visually checking the fluid level. Includes a 2-way vented black plastic cap and a compression 90º pump feed fitting.

Optional upgraded blue billet lid with a 1-way check valve available here.

The nozzles are determined by the intended power and how many bungs your charge pipe has. The nozzles are 1/8” NPT and screw into bungs included on most aftermarket charge pipes. Our BMS "super atomizing" nozzles are well known for their great atomization and flow characteristics. The nozzle number represents the approximate gallons per hour of fluid when at full flow. Generally speaking, running two smaller nozzles is preferred to one larger nozzle for an equal flow to improve fluid atomization and distribution. Below are some general nozzle suggestions but feel free to email us for nozzle advice if your situation is unique.


Features & Benefits

• 1.25 Gallon Tank (4.73 Liters)
• Anti-Starvation Reservoir 
• Easy Fill filler Nozzle
• Spill-Catcher Reservoir around the filler cap
• Available in clear for visually checking fluid levels
• 8 mounting holes on the side rails
• Includes 2-way vented black plastic cap
• Optional upgraded blue billet lid with 1-way check valve available here.
• Includes a 90º compression pump feed fitting

Tank dimensions: L 11" x W 4.5 x H 9"


Universal Mount

Optional Upgraded Billet WMI tank cap w/safety check valve

This high quality custom billet WMI cap includes an integrated check valve to let air in and prevent dangerous WMI vapor/fumes from getting out! Made in USA. Available here.

Billet Methanol Injection Tank Cap

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