BMS Transmission Oil Cooler for 2018+ Kia Stinger 3.3t

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BMS Transmission Oil Cooler for 2018+ Kia Stinger

Everyone knows that heat is the enemy of your automatic transmission. And everyone knows that higher power levels generate more transmission fluid heat. Now you can extend the life of your automatic transmission and get better performance by installing the new BMS High Capacity Trans Cooler kit in your Kia Stinger. This unique plug and play kit is a high-capacity heavy-duty front-mounted air to trans fluid radiator.

Our kit includes all mounting hardware, lines, and brackets required for installation. Installs inside the front bumper providing ample airflow over the large cooling core via existing openings. The result is dramatically reduced transmission temperature, better transmission performance, and extended transmission life. This kit is strongly suggested for any Kia Stinger running higher power levels and/or in warmer climates.

Compatible with most aftermarket intercoolers except the Wagner, increases transmission fluid capacity by about a quart.

Kia Stinger Transmission Trans Cooler Upgrade


• Dissipates excess transmission fluid heat
• Reduces transmission fluid temperature
• Increases transmission life when racing
• Increases transmission oil capacity


KIA Stinger 
• 2018+ Kia Stinger 3.3L Twin Turbo RWD/AWD


What's included:
(1) Oil cooler
(2) -10AN PTFE Stainless Steel/Nylon braided hoses

(8) M6x12 bolts
(6) M6 nuts
(14) M6 washers
(3) Laser Machined Brackets
(1) Billet -10AN adapter

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