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Mercedes Benz C250 JB+
Exclusively for the 2010+ Mercedes Benz C250 Turbo
C250 Performance Tuner
Instantaneous increase in Power and Torque for your Mercedes Benz C250!

Take your gasoline powered C250 to the next level with this simple plug and play tuner. Increases torque and power across the power band with the most noticeable increases coming at lower RPM and throttle positions where you really need them. In addition to adding power and torque it reduces turbo lag and improves throttle response. Gains are up to 20 hp to the wheels and 40 torque to the wheels from 2500 to 4500rpm. Includes plug and play connectors for quick install and removal.
JB+ C250 tuner only dyno testing results
Mercedes C250 Dyno

Mercedes c250

• 2010+ Mercedes Benz C250 turbo

Mercedes Benz C250 JB+

Only $279.00
Not available in California. Worldwide Shipping Available.
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